Whether your training for a Triathlon, Tough Mudder, Spartan, or any other sport you enjoy, the body can only continue to achieve better results through balance and the right resistance training protocol to help you meet that goal.  Although  not our primary focus at Muscle Repair 4 Athletes, through the course of treating our clients, we have found that many do not train or workout wisely which many time is the reason for their injuries or lack of progress.

A perfect example could be that of a Triathlete who only and exclusively focuses on the skill sets of the three disciplines of Swimming, Biking, and Running.  

Exercise Prescription

Muscle Repair 4 Athletes Workout Plans

Will ONLY performing these three skill sets over and over and over again make a better Triathlete?  The answer is no.  This specific sport is primarily aerobic with small periods of anaerobic work while only working and reworking the same group of muscles over and over again.  There is very little hip flexion or extension, very little pushing either in a vertical or horizontal angle, very little arm work, and no direct core work.  What does all this boil down to?  Muscle imbalances and strength deficiencies that will lead to injuries and lack of full potential.    

With the vast experience here at Muscle Repair 4 Athletes, we are able to disect your current training program and recommend a personal resistance training protocol to help you strengthen your core, muscles that are not being worked, and create balance to the ones that are being used daily.  

Our training methods focus primarily on Functional Movements, not the boring machine to machine routines performed by Non Athletes looking to only burn fat.  We will design the program for you and run you through one or two sessions as needed to ensure that you will perform the protocols in correct form and technique.   It makes no sense to us or good to you as a client to simply hand you a fancy workout to perform if we don't even know if you know how to properly perform what we are putting down on paper.  Therefore, prior to developing the workout plan we will have you go through a Functional Movement Screen at our Plantation Office so that we can identify what really needs to be addressed first and foremost prior to just giving you a bunch of exercises to do.  

We look forward to working with you.  

Cost:  299.99

Includes Functional Movement Screen, Core Strength Test, Flexibility Test, Printed Exercise Plan, & 2 hours of one on one exercise technique building.