No, but we prefer to work with the active community.  We will try to work with a sedentary individual but the recommendation is going to be to get up and move, workout, play, and NOT be sedentary and complaining of aches.  Most Aches and pains are commonly a result of being sedentary and not moving!  We are also NOT a medical service or facility that works with medically diagnosed injuries.  If we suspect the need for an MRI, X-Ray, or professional medical care, we will refer you to one of our physicians on our network for further evaluation prior to further treatments. 

No, M.T.M.T. does not hurt.  If it hurts it means it's creating damage and what we are trying to do is recover from the damage that is incurred during training.  You will feel mild discomfort in tender areas that once we identify, the pressure of the percussion is adjusted to the level that can be tolerated comfortably.  

The cost is going to vary on the treatment package that you purchase:  

Package A:  5 Treatment Sessions $250.00

Package B:  15 Treatment Sessions $675.00

Package C:  25 Treatment Sessions $1000.00

Single Sessions can be purchased for $60.00

Absolutely,  Just inform your practitioner upon arrival when you are filing out the anatomy chart detailing where you are sore.

Absolutely.  We actually recommend a weekly full body maintenance after long and hard training sessions to allow the body to heal at it's full potential.  

No, this is an alternative recovery method that is not medically .  Just like many doctors today are using Platelet Injection Therapy, which is not covered by insurance but works wonders, we created MTMT for you to help you Train, Recover, Repeat while avoiding or recovering from injuries  due to your active lifestyle.

Yes,  There will be an up charge of $40.00 if within a 15 Mile radius of our Plantation Office or an $80.00 for anything over 15 miles but no more than 40 miles.