How it works:

Upon your initial appointment, Felix will determine your body composition, basal metabolic rate, estimated training expenditures, and goals. Based on these factors and the recommended RDA of Macro-nutrients, meal timing, and exercise, you will leave your initial 1 hour appointment with a clear understanding of what your body's requirements are.  In the efforts of keeping this journey a fun and rewarding one, Felix will personally break down your daily meals into 6 to 7 properly spaced out eating times with the appropriate caloric intake for your specific needs based in published Registered Sports Dietician recommendations including proven to be safe supplements.  

You will then be back to see Felix for three follow up appointments at 5 week intervals to reassess BMR and prepare changes to the Nutritional Recommendation

Cost:  $475.00

Are you ready to see the results of your athletic training goals and hard work in the gym?  Experts have identified that 60% to 70% of your goals are attained are actually experienced outside of the gym!  How, by following a nutritional intake specific your goals and needs.  As a Certified Advanced Sports Nutrition Specialist, Natural Health Consultant, and Professor of an International Nutrition Coaching Program for trainers, Felix will work with you on a 1 on 1 setting at identifying your BMR, Daily Caloric Expenditures, Daily Caloric Intake and work on establishing a balance  of calories in versus calories out for either performance enhancement or simply fat loss. 

Based on published university studies, Felix will take an in depth look at your current caloric intake and together design a plan that will help you reach your goal.  

Nutrition Meal Planning